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Your new favourite class is just waiting for you to find it

We’ve got a brand new Group Exercise Class timetable with NEW CLASSES you’ve not tried before at Rossis. Our classes are fun, friendly, fitness sessions led by our expert instructors to help you reach your goals!  Whether you are looking for a high-intensity workout or something to improve your flexibility and balance, we have a top-notch class that is designed to suit your needs with experienced instructors to take you through the moves.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself? Do you think exercising alone seems dull? Do you feel lost in the gym? Are you not getting results on your own? It’s well-known that those people who take part in group exercise classes tend to stick to their exercise programmes longer than people that don’t. What better reason do you need to try a class now? 


View or download the full Aerobic Timetable here

View or download the full Aerobic Timetable here
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